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Model shown is from Galaxy Laser Team by J. Loyd International



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23rd October 2014 - Galaxy Laser Team


1st November 2014 - Star Wars Command Endor Attack


28th March 2015 - New Blog Live


27th April 2015 - Charity News

Echidna Games does not have its own line of miniatures.  At least, not yet.  Until we do, we will display, review and link to miniatures from other manufacturers.  After all, as gamers ourselves, we want to make it as easy possible for others to play and enjoy our games!


But it won't end there.  As gamers, we're interested in what others within the industry are doing, be they producers of miniatures, rules, model scenery, paints or anything else.  If they interest us and we think they'll interest others then we'll mention them here.


Our first article can be found here.  It's a review of the excellent Galaxy Laser Team models from

J. Loyd International in which we not only take a look at the figures themselves but also consider how they might fit into your games of Laserblade or Alien Worlds.


Next up is a brief review of some of the new Star Wars Command toys, followed by a round-by-round battle report from a game in which they were the stars!  Click here for that.


Rest assured, more will follow and if you're a manufacturer of 54mm miniatures or anything else you think we might be interested in then please drop us an email at echidna_games@yahoo.com